Between lines


Tube LB - Ana Ridzi - Karine dreams




Flaming pear Flexify 2

 Unlimited 2

Toadies plan mosaic

Murras mister Perspective tiling

Alien skin impact

  AAA foto frame



1- Open New Image 900x600 pixel - Transparent.

 2-Set the Foreground color to #200503 and background color to #bd403e

3-Flood Fill the  layer with your foreground color

4-Layer new raster layer

5-Change foreground color to Gradient:


6-Flood Fill your layer with the gradient

7-Open the mask Narah 0723 and minimize it.

8- Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image


9-Layer duplicate

10-Effectt Flaming pear Flexify 2

11-Image flip

12-Effect  plugin unlimited 2 paper texture canvas fine

13-In the layer palette, set blen mode Multipy

14.Layer merged visible

15.Selections - Load/Save Selection - Load Selection from Disk AD_3

16.Layer Promove selection to layer

17-Select none

18-Effect texture effect blind /color #oooooo


20-Selections none

21-Layer duplicate - Image flip

22-Activate the raster Promove selection

23-Effect plugin toadies plan mosaic

Layer duplicate

Layer merge down

24-Effect plugin Murras mister Perspective tiling

25-Layer duplicate

27-In the layer palette, set blen mode Screen / Set Opacity 60

28-Effect User defined filter emboss 3

29-Layer New raster layer

30-Flood fill opacity 60

31-Flood Fill your layer with the white color

32-Open the mask Narah Mask 0733

33-Layer duplicate

34-Merge group

35-Image free rotate 90 right

36-Activate Change to target brush

You can color the mask

37-Set foregroundcolor to #f8de8e

pass the tool on the mask

38-Layer merge visible

39-Layer duplicate

40-Image rezice 85 %

41- Open tube Misted Ana Ridzi


43-Paste in new layer   Rizaice 85 % - Adjust

44- Layer merge down

45-Open tube karine dreams copy

46-Paste as new layer

47-Effect Alien skin impact - perspective shadow - preset blurry

48-Layer merge down

49-Select all, select float, defloat

50-Effect  plugin aaa foto frame

51-Activate de boton layer

52 -Image effect - seamless tiling



53- Effect Murras meister perspective tiling


54- Layer duplicate - blend mode multiply ( optional)

55- Layer new raster layer

56-Layer arrange send to bottom

57-Flood Fill your layer with the color #330f0e

58-Effect  plugin unlimited 2 paper texture canvas fine

59-Activate de top  layer

60--Open tube Lb

61--Paste in new layer

62-Layer opacity 61


Add a border of 1px #200503

 Add a border of 10px White

 Add a border of 5px #200503

 Add a border of 10 px White

Add a border of 1px #880f1b

 Add a border of15px White

Add border 1 px #200503




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