Tube: " by Psp Jet
Tube: Guismo
Mask O _bf111
Ad _1

*if they use other images can change the blend mode of the layers *

Materials Hear

Plugin Simple

Plugin Ap Line Silverlining

Plugin Tramage

The Tutorial

1 -Open a new transparent image of 900 x 600 px

2-Fill with color #502f26

3-Layer new raster layer

4-Flood fill color #ffffff

5-Open the mask 0_bf111

6-Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image

8-Effects – edge effect – Enhance more

9-Effects – Plugin Simple 4 way average

10-Effects -  Plugin Simple Half warp

11-Effects - Plugin simple pizza slide

12-Selection-Load /Save selection – Load selectionfrom disc Ad _1

13-Selection promocted selection to layer

14-Selection none

15-Effect – Plugin Ap line silverlining

Colorize if you believe necessary 

16-Layer duplicate

17- In the Layerpalette – blend mode multiply


18- Layer merge down

19- Layer duplicate

20- Image flip

21- Layer merge down

22-Effect Plugin Tramage tow the line

23-Layer duplicate

24-In the Layerpalette – blend mode multiply

25-Layer new raster layer

26-Flood fill color #ffffff

27-Open  Narah _ Mask _0839

28-Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image


29-Effects – edge effect – Enhance

30-Layer merge group

 ***resized if necessary, in my case resize 120 %***

31-Effect 3 D effect - Drop shadow

32-Activate the group layer

33-Open the tube – Guismo

 34-Paste in new layer

35-place right down

36-Layer duplicate -  In the layer palette blend mode overlay

37-Adjust sharpen – sharpen


38-Activate the top layer

39-Open tube jet

40 -Paste a new image

41-Image Rizece 125 %

42-Adjust sharpen

43- Effect - 3D effect - Drop shadow

45-Activate the layer copy of raster3

46-Open the tube hoja

47-Paste in new layer –

48-Layer duplicate blend mode multiply 

Layer merge visible

49- Add a border of 1px ##2f0906

50-. Add a border of 20px White

51-. Add a border of 5 px #2f0906

52-. Add a border of 5px White

53-Add a border of 1px #2f0906

54-. Add a border of 5px White

55- add a border 3 px #2f0906

56- add a border 30 px White

57- add a border 1 px #2f0906

**His work is finished ,it will be to your liking**

Another possibility

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