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Challenge " Plugins " for the group Fazendo Arte
Mehdi - Weaver
VM Natural - Weave Distortion
Carolaine and Sensibility - Cs reflection -
Murra´s Meister - Perpective tiling
Eye candy 5 Impact - Perspective shadow
Deformations - Mosaique de Verre
Graphics plus - Cross Shadow
Tube - Cas_ tube
 Odette 2015 bouquet de perce neige
Mask : Adita creations_ mask _47
Selection Ad_11
Texture : Ipstone_3
Bk Image jpg


1- Open New Image 900x600 pixel - Transparent.

 2-Set the Foreground color to #1d251f and background color to #678f85

4 Change foreground color to Gradient linear:

6-Flood Fill your layer with the gradient

Adjust blur - gaussian blur 15

Effect texture - Texture ps tone 3 - Repeat Effect

Layer - New raster layer

 Foreground color to ##1d251f and background color to #678f85

4 Change  to Gradient rectangular
Flood Fill your layer with the gradient

Effects - VM Natural - Weave Distortion


Effect - Plugin Mehdi - Weaver

Effect plugin deformation - M osaic de Verre

Effect - Plugin Murras meister perspective tiling


Open the mask adita creation mask 47 and minimize it.

Layer new raster layer

Flood Fill your layer with the foreground color  #88d1bf

8- Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image


Layer merge group

Effect - Ehance more

Selections -  Load save selection /selection from disk Ad_11

select ions - Modify - contract 1px

Press delete

Change fill opacity 40

Layer with color #ffffff

Selections- Modify - contract 10 px

Press delete

Again change fill opacity 100

Fill color #1d251f

Selec None

Effect Caroline & sensibility CS reflection - Repeat

Effect - smart photo fix

 Open tube Odette  bouquet - Copy

Go to work, edit - paste as new layer

Image resize 60

Locate by model

Effect sharpen brush

Strengthen some areas

Take a portion of the image of flowers and copy

Paste as new layer

Effect Alien skin impact perspective shadow preset blurry

Open the tube Castorke

Past as new image

Risize 85

Effect Alien skin impact perspective shadow preset blurry

Open image Bk - This layer is optiona l-

Go to work,layers New raster layers

Selections - Select all

Edit paste into selection

Selections none

Layer arrange send to bottom

Activate  the  layer  1  blend mode luminance

So my layers palette

Layer merge visible

Image - add borders 1 px color #1d251f
Select All
Edit copy
Image - add borders 30 px color #ffffff
Selection invert
Paste into selection /image in memory
Effect Plugin Deformation mosaic de verre
Effect plugin Graphics Plus - Cross Shadow - defect
Selections invert
Layer new raster layer
Effect 3D cutout
Selections none
Image - add borders 1 px color #1d251f
Layers -Merge - Merge visible-Merged
Another Possibility
Tube - Cibi bijoux -MR Tulipes
Thank you
Art by Adri
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