Subtle Luminosity



Tube luz Cristina 3437

Tube Herfs blad

Image jpg

Deco 1

Deco 2

AL 50  psp Selection



Plugin Psychosis -Streaker

Murra s meister  pol transform

Plugin Toadies Picasso last word

 L&k Katharina



You can change Blend Modes according your color

  Open image  900  x 600  pxls.
Open image jpg  e coppy , selection all
Paste into selection
layer new raster layer

Fill Layer with gradient  

Foreground #010101  e  Backgroud #522311
Configurar Rectangular .  Angle 0 \  Repeats 0.  
CP=H 50 V 50
Adjust blur - goussiam blur 25
Layer duplicatte
Effects - Plugin simple half wrap
Effects - Plugin simple  Pizza slide mirror
Effects - Plugin Psychosis -Streaker
Layer duplicatte effects murra s meister  pol transform.
Opacity 60
Effect edge effect enhance more
Selection - Load selection from disk
Ad_ 50
selection promove selection to layer
selection none
Effects Plugin Toadies Picasso last word
Effects - Reflections  effects feedback
Effects image effects
Seamless tiling
Image mirror
Effects image offset
438 / 17
Effects 3d drop shadow Color #e46f30
***Shdow on new layer
Blend mode Screen
My layers palette
Activate the top layer
Open Esencia deco 1
Edit copy and paste as new layer
Effects image offset
Layer duplicate
Open tube Luz Cristina 3437
Edit coppy and paste as new layer
Image offset
Open tube Herfst black
Edit copy and paste as new layer
Image offset
Layer arrange move down
Activate the layer promove selection
Open deco 2
Edit copy
Paste as New layer
Position according to your liking
Layer merge visible
Layer duplicate
Recize 85 %
Image offset
select the bottom layer
Adjust blur gaussiam blur  10
with the warp tool pull down and sideways
Image Mirror
Effect L&k Katharina
Open the tube Luz Cristina and Copy
Paste as new layer
Image offset
Layer merge visible
Image add border 2 px #371307
resize and position your firm